10 tips for solving common PC problems

The IT bolster bureau of antivirus organization MYSecurityCenter led examine on the most widely recognized PC issues endured by English home clients in 2012. The following are the main 10 most normal PC issues, and a few tips on unraveling - or notwithstanding averting - them from security master Janus Rægaard Nielsen. 
Top 10 tips for solving common PC problems

1: My PC is moderate 

The most widely recognized issue of all. A moderate PC can bring about numerous dissatisfactions, however luckily there is something you can do yourself before you supplant it. There might be a few purposes behind a moderate PC; nonetheless, the most widely recognized is absence of support. Divided information, an undermined registry, spyware and many superfluous projects running in the meantime, effectively eat at the speed and execution of your PC. 

Tips: Monitor your projects. Evacuate those of which you never utilize or close them down when you've utilized them. Clean your registry with one of the many free or paid applications accessible for Windows. These two activities alone will effectively have the capacity to make your PC up to 30% speedier. Additionally, run Plate Defragmenter and stop undesirable projects beginning with Windows by running MSconfig: see our guide On the most proficient method to make your Windows PC boot speedier 

2: My PC solidifies 

Likewise a typical issue, however it is significantly more genuine than a moderate PC. By and large it is brought on by infections, particularly spyware that has been introduced on your PC. It can enter through a tick on a connection to a fake site from an email or so on. Frequently the email is being sent from what resembles your bank, Paypal, Facebook or comparable. A year ago MYSecurityCenter enlisted an expansion in malware contaminations originating from Facebook-related fraudsters among their clients. 

The issue can likewise be brought about by equipment - maybe some memory you just introduced - or late programming upgrades, including Windows Overhaul. 

Tips: Check the connection you are clicking by holding the cursor over it to see the connection's full address. Does it look suspicious? Never give out your passwords or Mastercard data to anybody, regardless of the possibility that it appears like your bank obliges you to check your record. It's a smart phishing trap that programmers use to access your cash. Ensure your antivirus and against spyware programming is overhauled. Most antivirus projects can be set to consequently to check for new upgrades. On the off chance that you are certain that your PC is sans spyware, the issue might be because of obsolete equipment drivers. Check your equipment drivers for overhauled forms. Obsolete drivers can bring about your PC to quit reacting and solidify.

Common Troubleshooting Options

PC Won't Turn On 
Common Troubleshooting Options

Accepting that you have twofold checked the power link and switches, yet your PC still won't turn on, it could be a basic equipment blame to fault. In any case, before surrendering trust, attempt the accompanying. 

Attempt an alternate power point or attempt another machine in a similar power indicate figure out if or not the PC itself is to blame. 

Open up your PC and ensure that the segments are legitimately situated in their attachments. Things like free memory sticks and include cards will as a rule keep the PC from turning on. Segments can get to be removed after a move, especially on account of desktops. Before touching any printed circuit sheets, make certain to ground yourself by touching a metal surface first. 

Figure out if or not there has been a short out. Altogether inspect within the PC to check whether there are any wore out parts. On the off chance that there are, they will require supplanting. Things like power surges, overheating, water harm, tidy and lightning strikes can all bring about a short out. 

Show Truncated or Low Determination 

On the off chance that you see an issue with your show once Windows has begun up, it is no doubt because of an issue with your representation card drivers or settings. 

Decide the make and model of your design card and download and introduce the most recent drivers straightforwardly from the maker's site. Take note of that it is for the most part better to get the drivers from the chip producer (generally nVidia or AMD) instead of the segment constructing agent. 

Guarantee that your show is running at its local determination. Every level screen have what is known as a local determination which is the one that they are ideally seen at. To change your screen determination, right-tap on the desktop, click "Screen determination" and pick the suggested setting from the dropdown box. 

No Solid from Speakers 

Expecting your speakers are effectively connected to and turned on, sound-related issues are additionally well on the way to be related with the drivers. 

Figure out if or not your sound card driver is bringing about the issue. On the off chance that you see a red overlay on the volume symbol in your framework plate, there is in all likelihood an issue with the driver. Decide the maker and model of your sound card and download and introduce the most recent drivers for it. On the off chance that you have on-board sound as most PCs (particularly tablets) do, then you will probably have a Realtek sound chip. 

Right-tap on the volume symbol in the framework plate and snap "Playback gadgets." Guarantee that the correct sound gadget is chosen as the default gadget 

PC Crashes before Windows Dispatches 

There are many reasons why Windows may neglect to begin, however the majority of them can be settled effectively enough unless you have succumbed to a particularly terrible malware assault or your hard plate is harmed by one means or another. Attempt the accompanying if Windows neglects to startup and additionally gives you a blue screen mistake message on boot. 

Crush the F8 key when you turn on the PC. In Windows 8, this ought to convey you to the new recuperation mode. In more seasoned adaptations of the working framework, the screen will look very changed, however it fills a similar need. Dispatch your PC in Experimental Mode. In Windows 8, click "Investigate" trailed by "Cutting edge choices" then "Windows Startup Settings." Click "Restart" and pick Protected Mode when the PC restarts. 

Open your antivirus program, guarantee that it is exceptional and run a total sweep of your framework to expel any conceivable malevolent programming diseases. 

Utilize Framework Reestablish to reestablish your PC to a prior time before the issue initially happened. You can likewise run Framework Reestablish from the recuperation screen as opposed to booting up into Protected Mode. 

PC Running Gradually 

There are actually endless explanations behind a PC to run slower than it ought to do, however here are the most widely recognized causes and approaches to settle them. 

Keep unused projects from running consequently at framework startup. In Windows 8, you can arrange startup programs from the Propelled Assignment Administrator (available from the right-click menu on the taskbar) and in prior adaptations from the Startup tab of the msconfig utility. 

Guarantee that your PC is not overheating. Now and again, the processor or representation card clock speed will be throttled back to avert harm created by overheating. Your PC's inside ought to be kept free of tidy. Parts ought to be cooled with satisfactorily huge warmth sinks and working fans. Introducing a case fan can likewise offer assistance. 

Open your antivirus programming, guarantee that it is state-of-the-art, and run a full output of your PC to dispose of any conceivable malware disease which might back your PC off. 

Improve your hard plate execution by running Circle Defragmenter and Plate Tidy up. Both of these instruments are available by right-tapping on your hard circle in "My PC" and clicking "Properties."

Computer issues increasingly bug airlines

Aircrafts can't take care of the climate, however when their PC frameworks come up short and flights are scratched off, that is another matter. 

Repeating framework breakdowns in the recent years have created a huge number of crossed out, deferred and missed flights. Southwest Aircrafts, Joined Carriers and Delta Aircrafts have made the news for the wrong reasons amid that period. 
Computer issues increasingly bug airlines

Delta was the most recent to encounter a frameworks disappointment. The carrier wiped out around 280 flights only seven days back thus of disappointment of Delta's "fundamental IT frameworks." 

At John Glenn Columbus Global Airplane terminal, flights to and from urban communities, for example, New York and Detroit were up to four hours late beginning around 6:30 p.m. last Sunday. The last flight from Delta's Atlanta center point to Columbus on Sunday night was wiped out, just like the main flight to Atlanta on Monday morning. 

"Moan — long trip to Germany just (got) longer this evening with @Delta framework wide PC blackout establishing of all flights. Sitting on landing area CMH," tweeted Columbus occupant Tom Thompson, who passes by the handle @thepaintmaker on Twitter, around 7:30 p.m. last Sunday. 

Thompson said in a subsequent message on Monday that he "surrendered following 3 hours and went home at 11 pm ... rebooked today" when it turned out to be clear he would miss his association in Atlanta. 

"This is the single greatest nature of-administration issue confronting the business," said Joseph Schwieterman, a previous aircraft official now's identity a teacher at DePaul College's School of Open Administration. 

"There's been a colossal measure of attention about it, and Congress has made it clear that it won't let this bite the dust" if the carriers don't settle the issues, Schwieterman said. 

"The critical step is, there doesn't appear to be one single reason," he said. "Be that as it may, there must be a path for there to not be an entire shutdown if something goes down." 

George Hobica, originator of site AirfareWatchdog.com, said maturing PC frameworks and lacking speculation by the carriers to keep them upgraded is a major part of the issue. 

"A portion of the aircrafts are as yet running IBM centralized computers and utilizing programming that was composed in COBOL," Hobica stated, refering to innovation that is what might as well be called composing with a plume on material. 

"They're cobbling together legacy frameworks and more cutting edge frameworks, and as a rule most likely not sufficiently paying to pull in and hold IT individuals, who could get significantly more liberal pay and advantages at a Google or other tech organization." 

After Delta's August emergency, Chief Ed Bastian said in a meeting with the Atlanta Diary Constitution that Delta's framework was "dated," yet that recently enlisted tech administrators were taking a shot at "the following level of venture." He included that about $1 billion a year as of now was being spent on innovation. 

Southwest additionally has pledged to put more cash into its innovation frameworks, however it has not said how much. 

"We have a few vital activities in progress to modernize as well as supplant large portions of our present frameworks, including our new reservations framework, which goes completely online for household and universal go in May," representative Brian Parrish said in an announcement a week ago. 

Despite the fact that the business appears to have a lot of inner specialized issues to address, a few people surmise that the carriers may confront issues not of their making — think endeavored hacks — more regularly than they let on. 

"Such a large number of hacks happen each day and don't get announced unless something gets stolen," said Joe Danyi, proprietor of Youngstown PC in Youngstown, which deals with frameworks and security for organizations. 

"For each one you catch wind of, there's most likely 100 you don't find out about. It's a wait-and-see game attempting to battle it." 

The reasons matter little to the individuals who have been found up in the subsequent travel disturbances. Hobica doesn't have much tolerance for carriers' reasons. 

"Different sorts of enormous organizations aren't encountering a similar thing. Facebook , Twitter, Airbnb ... they aren't having these mass blackouts for quite a long time at once." 

Then, voyagers ought to attempt to anticipate the most noticeably awful and seek after the best. Missed flights mean money related and advertising cerebral pains for the carriers, however they're regularly a much greater arrangement for travelers. 

"What number of a huge number of dollars have (aircrafts') clients lost?" Hobica said. "The funerals not went to, the weddings missed. This is something they have to settle."

7 Lies You Shouldn't Tell the People Fixing Your Computer

Long before I wrote blogs on the internet, when I was but a teeny college student with an LJ and a dream, I did tech support. And I saw things. I wasn’t the only one. The people who work tech have heard every excuse and seen every horror your mind can conjure.
7 Lies You Shouldn't Tell the People Fixing Your Computer

Having been a computer help person, I know that we’re an ornery bunch, and that people coming in might feel a little intimidated. To better help you when communicating with your tech support agent, I’ve consulted with fellow survivors of the tech support field, and have carefully cultivated a list of lies you should not tell your tech support agent because it will waste everyone’s time.
1) Don’t say you restarted your computer
Peter Lopez from Brooklyn Tech Guy says that about once a week a person calls with a computer problem, swearing that they’ve already restarted their computer. They haven’t, because the majority of minor tech support issues are resolved with a restart. It clears out all the minor software hiccups that occur as your computer processes all those millions of lines of code that make it run.
Is that program you just updated constantly crashing? Is your computer slow after running for three months straight? Is the wi-fi inexplicably down when it works on all your other devices? Restart. RESTART! Same goes for routers and modems. They’re just tiny computers sans monitor or input devices. Restarting them will, nine times out of ten, resolve major issues with your internet. This is why that plug that automatically power cycles your internet setup is so popular.
Though Lopez would remind you that “Have you signed out and signed back in?” is a good one too and works nearly as often as a full restart.
2) Don’t say you’ve made sure everything is plugged in
Lopez also gets a lot of calls about devices that are broken—doomed to never work again. He’d just gotten off such a call when he spoke to Gizmodo. “They just didn’t have the printer cartridges in right,” Lopez said. The customer reseated the cartridges and the printer started working.
You might be positive you’ve plugged everything in and are certain there is some other reason you don’t have internet, or your keyboard isn’t working, or your printer isn’t printing. You are wrong. It’s okay. It’s happened to everyone. I spent twenty minutes on a call with my ISP once because I didn’t have an ethernet cable pushed all the way in.
Just tell them you have no idea if all the things are plugged in. This is especially important if you do not know what an ethernet cable, USB cable, or power cable are.
3) Don’t tell them you don’t know how you got that ransomware, virus, or malware on your computer
Do you know how you get malware? You go to sites you shouldn’t go to and click on links you shouldn’t click on and download apps you shouldn’t download. Sometimes you hit an OK button you have no business clicking.
It’s very easy to avoid getting malware in most cases. If a Windows looking OK button appears on your Mac or vice versa—don’t click. If you’re on a free porn site and see a neat ad, if the site promises super expensive software for free, or if it all seems to good to be true—don’t click. And yet people click all the time. People just like you.
According to the technician from Portland, it isn’t just unsavory sites that are the problem. “Nowadays you can just stumble into the wrong thing by misspelling websites,” he told Gizmodo. So be very careful with the web addresses you enter, and if you’re a bad typist maybe invest in some anti-malware and antivirus software.
4) Don’t tell them your teenage son has been using your computer
“We get that one a lot,” Umer Perez, a technician from Fort Worth says. “When they say that, we know where it’s headed.” Though he’s quick to note that it doesn’t necessarily mean a computer is infected with malware, ransomware, or viruses.
It’s just something people say as they deliver a computer. As if to prep the tech support agent for all the porn they might come across in the course of their repair. But any tech support agent is accustomed to finding porn on a computer. “Because porn happens,” Perez says. Embrace your porn; don’t pawn it off on the teen boys in your life.
5) Don’t tell them your toddler has never ever touched the slot-loading disc player
Tray-style disc players are much less common than they used to be, because slot-loading disc players look cool and take up less space. Unfortunately slot-loading disc players are also just big holes and if you have a person in your home under the age of ten they will, at some point, take it upon themselves to fill it with something that does not belong.
“I’ve found quarters in the SD card reader,” a technician from Portland who preferred to be anonymous told Gizmodo. “I don’t know if its kids though. A lot of stuff makes its way into computers because of the backpack.”
So if you’re disc player isn’t working, it might not just be a tiny person that has fucked up your computer, it could be your own sloppy bag. Putting your laptop in a case, or using a bag with a section specifically for laptops, will cut down on wandering quarters, and a spacious dog crate will help with curious kids who like to stick things in places they shouldn’t go.
6) Don’t tell them you don’t know how the computer got covered in apple schnapps
You know how that computer got covered in apple schnapps. You were making an appletini. You drank that appletini. You made another appletini. You drank that appletini. You made another appletini. You drank that appletini. You made another appletini. You drank that appletini. You made another appletini. You drank that appletini. You made another appletini.
You spilled that appletini.
“It will be obvious the second the tech opens the machine (maybe even beforehand!),” says an Apple Service Tech Provider based out of New York who preferred to be anonymous. “It doesn’t matter who spilled it or if you were present at the time, the liquid residue/corrosion voids your warranty and lying about it is just going to waste everyone’s time.”
7) Don’t tell them it arrived broken
The tech support provider is not an idiot, so trying to con them into giving you a free repair is usually not going to work. They’re like Sherlock Holmes when they hear something like “I opened the box and it was already broken.” They’ll notice that the keys are shiny from days of use, or the telltale scuff that only comes from the laptop getting tossed in a bag.
An anonymous technician from New York shares a particularly bad story:
This one time we had a customer that brought her new iMac back to us saying she found the display broken after opening it. The unit was getting no video and the glass was broken. She swore it was in this condition since she opened it and threw a fit, demanding a new one. One of our techs had the idea to plug the iMac into a secondary display, and behold—there was the lady’s user and data, proving that she had been using it just fine before she broke it. I guess she assumed that all evidence of her having used the computer was gone because the display was broken.
Never assume you’re smarter than the person fixing your computer. If you were you wouldn’t be talking to them.

Top 10 Tips For Elderly Computers User

As we are going into the age of the web and rapid correspondence, there is a great deal of developments event around in the field of PC and innovation. These quick changing innovation world, numerous a circumstances are getting to be lifeline for the general population. Be that as it may, this one perspective, which is significantly more specialized in nature, is turning into an issue for the elderly populace of the world, who here and there face the issue of familiarizing them with more intelligent innovation interfaces. The improvement in the PC world is equivalently a current one, and the across the board of PCs occurred in the most recent decade as it were. The elderly individuals, who are more familiar with the pen and paper, regularly discover them in a pain, while utilizing the PCs. There are a few elements that add to this and here are the best 10 tips that could help the elderly individuals to work their PC easily and convenience.
Top 10 Tips For Elderly Computers User

#1: Display:Are you perplexed of putting your head excessively near the PC screens? Does your coming up short vision not permitting you to see the letters plainly on the PC screen? Attempt, zoom office and the text dimension improvement on Windows to make the writings a considerable measure less demanding to peruse. This Windows office in Windows 7 and higher variants will help you to peruse plainly without taking your head much closer to the screen.

#2: Magnifier:Are you feeling awkward with the little textual styles on the guidelines of the PCs? Attempt this astounding instrument as your bifocal focal point! It will really offer you an on-screen bifocal that can convey you much comfort to utilize and take after directions on the computers.

#3: Discourse recognition:If you are confronting issue with developments and feel tired to tap the mouse a few circumstances, the discourse acknowledgment is a much help for the senior citizens. You need to prepare your PC with your voice and request that your PC play out any coveted undertakings – voila! It's done!

#4: Individual Assistant:If you are tired of utilizing consoles and mouse, attempt one of the virtual collaborators like Cortana in Windows 10 or SIRI in Apple iOS. You will feel how easily the PC complies with your charges and help you to get the sought capacities done!

#5: Touch Screen:With the most recent touch screen portable workstations, palmtops and cell phones flooding into the market, it makes the capacities much less demanding to utilize. Only a couple addresses the screen and your applications are prepared to work as you like. Nonetheless, the usefulness is as yet creating and elderly people can expect substantially more than the present touch offices on the screen. #6: Sound notifications:Tune in your PCs to offer you a discernable notice, while another email arrives or you get a message! Elderly individuals can now get a buzz on their PC by empowering sound warnings and this makes the utilization much easier!

#7: Utilization of shortcuts:There are a ton of simple to-utilize alternate route capacities accessible in Windows and Macintoshes for the simplicity of clients. A little practice can complete numerous little assignments straightforward console alternate ways. Ctrl+C, Alt+Tab, Ctrl+F3, thus on can facilitate the assignments in particular, as opposed to utilizing the mouse to perform.

#8: Mouse pointers:Are you feeling somewhat awkward to track your mouse pointers on the screen? Utilize mouse pointer customization and trailing alternatives, incorporated in with MS Windows. No more stress over searching for your mouse pointers while you take a shot at your computers.

#9: Splendor and Contrast:You can simply tune in your screen shine and differentiation to suit your vision. With a high differentiation and brilliance of the screen no organizer can conceal itself from your elderly vision any longer! Attempt it, and feel the difference.

#10: Match up your PC with versatile phones:With the quick evolving innovation, you can now ready to synchronize every one of your pictures, computerized information, contacts from your telephone to your portable workstation or PC, with only a couple clicks. Do this and you don't need to scan for the information here and there once more. With these couple of straightforward traps, PC utilize turns into a cake stroll for elderly individuals. Attempt this and feel these astonishing new innovations with a great deal less bothers and significantly more fun!

Basic Computer Tricks

Microsoft has a conflicting reputation with regards to Windows. Windows Vista and ME were completely horrendous, while Windows 7 and XP were fabulous. Windows 10 is fair, seeing that Windows forms go. Notwithstanding, there are a few pitfalls with the new working system.The uplifting news is that these issues are generally simple to address. On the off chance that you take the accompanying measures, the working framework ought to be really steady.

Basic Computer Tricks

1.Use the Windows Redesign Troubleshooter A great many people don't experience any difficulty overhauling from Windows 8 to Windows 10. Be that as it may, a few clients have keep running into issues. They may confront some glitches that could destabilize some of your applications.If you find that some of your apparatuses are not working with Windows 10, then there are a couple of things you can do. The best tip is to utilize the Windows Redesign Troubleshooter.You should have a Web association with reinstall the overhauls and download the troubleshooter. It ought to determine any issues that you had with applications that stopped working after the Windows overhaul. 2.Take Favorable position of the Circle Cleanup Application Introducing Windows 10 requires a considerable measure of plate space. On the off chance that you have inadequate memory, you may get a mistake message like this:"Windows needs more space"You may likewise get various blunder codes like 0x80070070 – 0x50011, 0x80070070 – 0x50012 and 0x80070070 – 0x60000.If you experience any of these issues, then you have to begin arranging for your memory. One of the most effortless approaches to do this is with the Circle Cleanup App.This application is as of now introduced on your machine. Simply take after these speedy strides to get to it: 

Tap the "Begin" catch 

Sort "cleanup" in the "Ask Me Anything" seek box 

Sit tight for the Plate Cleanup Application to show up 

Tap the application 

Select the drive that the working framework is introduced on (normally C://) 

Click alright to affirm that you chose the correct plate drive 

Tap the catch that peruses "Tidy up framework records" on the base left of the popup 

This ought to give enough impermanent plate space to run your Windows 10 establishment. 3.Remove Superfluous Applications Windows 10 has a considerable measure of extras that you don't generally require. You may have downloaded a large portion of them throughout the years, yet find that they are quite recently taking up pointless space.You might need to evacuate any repetitive or old projects. A few projects you might need to dispose of include: 



Shadow Play 


Some of these projects can be hard to expel all alone. 4.Use AppFalcon to Evacuate Other Undesirable Applications Expelling undesirable Windows applications is unpredictable, however disposing of rebel applications can be significantly more troublesome. Some of these applications are malware, while others are spam instruments that are intended to be hard to remove.AppFalcon can help evacuate many projects that you don't need any longer. They can likewise expel them from Windows registry keys, which arranges for extra memory space. 5.Use the Undertaking Chief to Manage Lethargic Shells The shell in Windows 10 is altogether different from past adaptations of Windows. On the off chance that you experience issues with the Explorer.exe script, then you should settle them by utilizing the Errand Manager.You ought to discover Windows Adventurer under the Assignment Administrator. You simply need to right snap and select "restart." This more often than not deals with the issue. Conclusion Windows 10 may not be the best working framework Microsoft ever discharged, however it isn't the most exceedingly bad either. By the by, there are still a few issues that should be settled. Ensure that you know about the basic Windows issues and find a way to settle them.

Common Troubleshooting Tricks


Common Troubleshooting Tricks

Do you know what to do if your screen goes clear? Imagine a scenario in which you can't close an application, or can't hear any stable from your speakers. At whatever point you have an issue with your PC, don't freeze! There are numerous fundamental investigating systems you can use to settle issues this way. In this lesson, we'll demonstrate to you some basic things to attempt when investigating, and how to take care of normal issues you may experience. 

General tips to remember 

There are a wide range of things that could bring about an issue with your PC. Regardless of what's bringing about the issue, investigating will dependably be a procedure of experimentation—sometimes, you may need to utilize a few diverse methodologies before you can discover an answer; different issues might be anything but difficult to settle. We prescribe beginning by utilizing the accompanying tips. 

Record your means: Once you begin investigating, you might need to record every progression you take. Along these lines, you'll have the capacity to recall precisely what you've done and can abstain from rehashing similar errors. On the off chance that you wind up approaching other individuals for help, it will be much simpler in the event that they know precisely what you've attempted as of now. 

Take notes about blunder messages: If your PC gives you a mistake message, make sure to record however much data as could reasonably be expected. You might have the capacity to utilize this data later to see whether other individuals are having a similar blunder. 

Continuously check the links: In case you're experiencing difficulty with a particular bit of PC equipment, for example, your screen or console, a simple initial step is to check every related link to ensure they're legitimately associated. 

Restart the PC: When all else fizzles, restarting the PC is something worth being thankful for to attempt. This can comprehend a considerable measure of fundamental issues you may involvement with your PC. 

Utilizing the procedure of disposal 

In case you're having an issue with your PC, you might have the capacity to discover what's wrong utilizing the procedure of disposal. This implies you'll make a rundown of things that could bring about the issue and after that test them out one by one to dispense with them. Once you've recognized the wellspring of your PC issue, it will be less demanding to discover an answer. 


Suppose you're attempting to print out solicitations for a birthday party, however the printer won't print. You have a few thoughts regarding what could precipitate this, so you experience them one by one to check whether you can take out any conceivable causes. 

To begin with, you check the printer to see that it's turned on and connected to the surge defender. It is, so that is not the issue. Next, you check to ensure the printer's ink cartridge still has ink and that there is paper stacked in the paper plate. Things look great in both cases, so you know the issue has nothing to do with ink or paper. 

Presently you need to ensure the printer and PC are conveying effectively. On the off chance that you as of late downloaded an overhaul to your working framework, it may meddle with the printer. Be that as it may, you know there haven't been any current overhauls and the printer was working yesterday, so you'll need to look somewhere else. 

You check the printer's USB string and find that it's not connected to. You more likely than not unplugged it incidentally when you connected another thing to the PC prior. When you connect to the USB string, the printer begins working once more. It would seem that this printer issue is settled! 

This is only one case of an issue you may experience while utilizing a PC. In whatever is left of this lesson, we'll discuss other regular PC issues and some approaches to explain them.